Video Shows Supposedly Assembled iPhone 6 Stuck in Recovery Mode

iPhone 6 powered on supposedly

A purported iPhone 6 with what looks to be a 4.7″ display has been assembled from leaked parts, and the device even turns itself on, but is seemingly stuck on the familiar “Connect to iTunes” recovery mode screen. Two separate videos of the iPhone are embedded below for viewing (and this time it’s not a video of a hot dog).

The assembled device looks quite nice and is obviously much more refined than some of the earlier part leaks that have shown up across the web. This is very likely what we’ll see debuted by Apple in a few short weeks, making the video a significant spoiler. Of course, it’s always possible these part leaks and the device itself is not actually an iPhone, or is some elaborate hoax or fraud, though all existing rumors and indications would strongly suggest otherwise.

The first video, posted to YouTube, shows the allegedly assembled black iPhone being rotated around in a users hands, then being turned on to display the iTunes connection request. The device is then placed side by side with an iPhone 5s, offering some perspective to its relative size and appearance.

A second video showing off the iPhone 6 was posted to their Instagram page, embedded below:

The videos were provided to MacRumors from luxury iPhone customization company Feld & Volk.

iPhone 6 vs iPhone 5S

Some other interesting tidbits have surfaced from Feld & Volk through part leaks as well, including the appearance of what looks like an NFC chip, which could be used for a mobile payments platform, 16GB of storage, and what looks like 1GB of RAM with an A8 CPU.

Finally, MacRumors has also shared some additional images of a rear shell of what looks like a silver iPhone:

iPhone 6 rear shell

Apple is widely expected to launch the iPhone 6 on September 9, a date the company has scheduled a press event for.

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