This is Apple Watch: Videos & Pictures

This is Apple Watch

Apple has debuted the highly anticipated iWatch device… and it’s called Apple Watch. The device is unlike anything Apple has made before, and the gadget features a completely new interface that is navigated with a digital crown located along the side of the device – but it also has a touch screen that is pressure sensitive. This thing is incredibly innovative, has a variety of sensors, interfaces with your iPhone, and does so much more. Here’s a peak at the Apple Watch (officially, WATCH) which will be out next year, with some details, tons of pictures, and some must-see videos of the device in action.

The first thing you’ll notice is the huge amount of customization available with the Apple Watch, ranging from a variety of digital watch faces, six different interchangeable wrist straps ranging from multi-color sport bands, to leather, a stainless steel link bracelet, and a stainless steel mesh version. There’s even a version in 18 karat gold version, called the Apple Watch Edition, which is offered in standard gold and rose gold.

Apple Watch functions as a communication device, a health and fitness tracker, a payment interface, a user interface to things like mapping and messaging, and so much more. Included in the device are sensors that will let you ‘feel’ the interface, meaning things like messages and notifications will alert you via tactile feedback on your wrist. Because of the internet connectivity, you’ll need an iPhone for the Apple Watch to function as intended. The feature set is tremendous, you really need to watch a video to get a glimpse of how it works.

Apple Watch Videos

The Apple Watch “Reveal” video is 2 minutes long and shows how WATCH was debuted to the world, giving a glimpse of the wearable:

The Apple Watch intro video, as narrated by Jony Ive. This is 10 minutes long and gives an excellent overview of the device and its functionality:

Next up is a fitness orientated video for Apple Watch, it’s nearly 4 minutes long and emphasizes the health and fitness related functionality of the gadget:

Don’t miss these videos, they really help to explain and understand the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Pricing, Availability

Pricing starts at $349, and goes up from there, which we’ll certainly find out more details on when it ships next year in early 2015.

Apple Watch Pictures

Here are some of the images of the Apple Watch, courtesy of Apple:















Want to learn more? Head to for the official WATCH page for more details.

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