The iPhone 5S Set to Launch on September 10

iOS 7 with iPhone 5

Apple will unveil the latest iPhone model on Tuesday, September 10, according to a new report from the always reliable AllThingsD. The report confirms only the launch date, but seems to suggest that Apple may actually release two distinct iPhone models; the expected update to the iPhone 5 (iPhone 5S?), and possibly a lower-cost color iPhone model that has floated about in rumors for quite some time.

The new upper end iPhone model is expected to resemble the existing iPhone 5 in appearance, and include improvements to the camera and processor. There is also a rumored possibility that a fingerprint sensor will be included in the device as a means of added security or password entry. Additional features are possible, though rumors remain fairly sparse.

A lower cost iPhone model has long been rumored. Current speculation suggests such a device would basically have the same internal components as an iPhone 5, but have a colorful outer enclosure made of plastic, replacing the aluminum and glass casing that surrounds the existing iPhone 5 models. Rumored colors include white, and bright shades of red, yellow, green, and blue (below rendering courtesy of MacRumors).

Color iPhone rendering mockup

AllThingsD also mentions that OS X Mavericks will be released “in the coming weeks”, suggesting that the updated Mac operating system may arrive before the new iPhone and iOS 7. Of course, a new iPhone launch also suggests that iOS 7 is due just around the corner as well, so whenever the iPhone starts shipping will likely be the same date that iOS 7 is released to consumers for supported iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch models.

As usual, treat any speculated features or abilities as a rumor until Apple makes an official announcement.

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