The Cheapest Place to Buy an iPhone 5 is Walmart: $127!

Cheapest iPhone 5 price

You may already know that the cheapest place to buy a new iPhone 5 is usually Walmart, but wallyworld is outdoing itself right now and offering a brand new iPhone 5 for only $127! Yes, that’s a whopping $60 cheaper than their already lowest price of $187, and you can pick up that stellar offer with two-year carrier contracts from Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint.

What’s the catch you ask? There isn’t one really, except that you have to go into a Walmart store to make the purchase and get the additional $60 discount.

This deal means iPhone 5 is the same price as what they offered during their big holiday idevice sale, and you can find the details in some fine print on their websites product page though there really isn’t much to it:

“Get a $60 discount off the original price in-stores only. Offer requires new 2-year contract or upgrade. Price before discount: $187.00”

The deal appears to only be valid for the base 16GB model, for either black or white colors.

Of all the places where you can buy an iPhone 5, Walmart is quickly becoming the best overall deal for bargain shoppers and for anyone looking for some seriously steep discounts. If you’ve wanted a new iPhone and the price was holding you back, you won’t be able to beat this one. Move quick and find a local Walmart store to lock in the price, the deal probably won’t be active for long.

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