Retina Display iMac Expected to Launch This Fall?

iMac with Retina Display

Two consistently reliable sources of Apple rumors say the company will debut new iMac computers featuring Retina displays this year.

First reported by 9to5mac, Apple is said to be in “late testing” stages for the revamped iMac line, with the machines featuring new internal components, faster processors, improved Wi-Fi capabilities, and of course, the ultra-high resolution Retina display. 9to5mac suggests the new Retina iMac could debut alongside OS X Yosemite sometime in the fall.

Giving further support to the rumor is Re/Code, who verified the 9to5mac report with the following statement:

Said one source with knowledge of Apple’s plans, “Expect a fall release.”

OS X Yosemite is widely rumored to launch to the public in the coming weeks, suggesting a launch of the new iMacs may be sooner than later. 9to5mac also reports that iMovie and Final Cut Pro will be simultaneously updated to support the editing of ultra-high resolution 4k footage.

The precise screen resolution of a Retina iMac is not yet known, though 9to5mac offers three possibilities based upon references found within OS X Yosemite, those resolutions are 6400 x 3600, 5760 × 3240, and 4096 × 2304. For reference, a 5760×3240 display would be roughly double the current 27″ iMac screen resolution of 2560×1440.

Though one should temper their expectations and consider this a rumor, it’s well worth noting that both 9to5mac and Re/Code are routinely reliable sources of Apple information.

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