“Photos Every Day” is Apple’s Best iPhone Commercial in a Long While

Apple has started to run a new iPhone commercial on TV titled “Photos Every Day”, focused entirely on the devices camera and iPhone photography.

The ad centers around people taking photos with an iPhone throughout daily life activities, then performing simple edits, cropping pictures, using Instagram, and other pretty typical fair for the many of us who rely on the phone as a primary point-and-shoot camera.

iPhone Photos Every Day ad

Dialog is limited to a simple quote at the end:

Every day, more photos are taken with the iPhone than any other camera.

Video of the ad is embedded below:

This ad feels similar to the older more sentimental commercials that Apple was running a few years ago with the iPad. Overall, it represents a nice improvement from some of the other commercials Apple has been running recently, which were becoming increasingly scrutinized for their quirky nature.

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