OS X Yosemite Mail Update Released for Developers & Public Beta

Yosemite Mail update

Apple has issued an update to the Mail app for OS X Yosemite, which aims to fix some issues which caused the Mail application incapable of composing an email message. Apple recommends that all users of OS X Yosemite Developer Preview and OS X Yosemite Public Beta install the update, though if you don’t use the Mail app as your email client you obviously won’t be missing much.

Named “OS X Yosemite Mail Update”, Mac users running either beta build of Yosemite can find the download as a software update inside the Mac App Store.

Recently, the Feedback Assistant app in Yosemite included a Mail app usage survey, which allowed users to offer some feedback directly for that application and its functionality. Aside from that, users who are participating in the public beta program can submit feedback directly to Apple, notify them of bugs, and voice their opinions about nearly anything in OS X 10.10 through the built-in tool.

OS X Yosemite remains in development, but is expected to see a public release sometime next month.

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