New iPad Commercial “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” Now Airing

iPad Christmas Commercial for 2012

Apple has started running their Christmas ad for this year, and it shows off the iPad and iPad Mini with a girl playing a ukelele while singing the classic “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” song to a relative over FaceTime.

The video is embedded below, and you’re likely to catch the ad airing the next few days if you watch TV, and Apple has a knack for airing these advertisements during prime time in particular.

This is a good Apple commercial that follows their traditional lead of showing off features that can improve lives, though it’s more is less humorous than the last two years. In 2011, Apple’s Christmas ad showed Santa using Siri for directions and to retrieve information while eating cookies, and in 2010 they focused on Santa using FaceTime to speak with a child while the Christmas Song played in the background.

Update: 12/24/2012 – Wondering what the “I’ll Be Home” commercial might be like had the girl had used the iPad Mini as the ukelele rather than a real one? Probably something like the video below, which shows a nice variation of the official Apple commercial with the help of the Futulele app (iTunes Store link) for iPad. Cool idea!

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