“Music Every Day” iPhone 5 Commercial from Apple

Music Every Day, iPhone 5 TV ad

Apple has started to run a new television ad for the iPhone 5, titled “Music Every Day.” The commercial follows people listening to music while performing various activities while using the classic white Apple earbuds. Though the commercial itself stays fairly quiet with soft piano music and a few occasional sound effects, it ends with a brief message:

“Every day, more people enjoy their music on the iPhone than any other phone.”

The commercial is embedded below to view:

The advertisement is themed along the same lines as “Photos Every Day”, which emphasized iPhone photography and started airing a month prior.

Though it doesn’t resonate quite as well as the Photos spot, Music Every Day is still a good commercial, and overall these softer themed commercials are proving to be much more popular than the rather obnoxious shouting iPhone TV ads that aired before one too many times.

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