iWatch Could Be An iPhone Accessory?

iWatch concept from 9to5mac

A report from Bloomberg seems to suggest the upcoming Apple wearable device will be more of an iPhone accessory than a standalone gadget.

According to Bloomberg:

“Apple will give the new wearable a boost by pairing its debut with its flagship product, the iPhone. The company also may be trying to manage expectations for the new device, signaling that it’s more of an accessory instead of a category that stands by itself.

By contrast, when the iPad was introduced in 2010, Apple held a special event just for that product.”

Additionally, the report backs up the rumored September 9 launch date for the wearable device alongside new iPhone models.

“Apple will introduce a wearable gadget along with new iPhones on Sept. 9, a person with knowledge of the plans said.”

The “wearable gadget” is commonly referred to as ‘iWatch’ by fans and observers, but there is no indication as to what the shipping products name will be. Current rumors say the device will have a touch screen, wireless charging capabilities, and various health sensors like the ability to detect the wearers pulse.

Apple recently sent out invitations to the September 9 event, but as usual, gave no indications as to what will be unveiled. Nonetheless, the expectations are that two new iPhone 6 models will debut on the date, as well as the so-called iWatch device.

Above images are mockups courtesy of 9to5mac

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