iTunes 11.4 Released with Support for iOS 8 Syncing

iTunes Apple has released iTunes 11.4 for OS X, the new version is required for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to sync and function properly after updating those devices to iOS 8, making it a highly recommended download for all Mac users.

Mac users can find the iTunes 11.4 update available through the Software Update mechanism of OS X, and all iTunes users can also find the update available through the iTunes application itself.

The release notes bundled with the installer are very brief and aside from mentioning the addition of iOS 8 syncing support, it’s unclear if there are any other new features or improvements brought to iTunes 11.4.

iTunes 11.4

Updating to the newest version of iTunes should be considered a necessary part of preparing for iOS 8. While users can still update to iOS 8 using the OTA mechanism on their iPhone and iPad hardware, the new version of iTunes will be required to sync the devices with their computers for local backup and computer-based management purposes.

Apple has announced that iOS 8 will be released to the public on September 17, but developers registered with the iOS developer program will find the iOS 8 GM build is already available as a download through Apple servers.

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