Apple Wearable Device Shipping Date Could Be Early 2015

iWatch Ship Date in 2015

The wearable device that Apple is expected to announce on September 9 will likely not ship until sometime next year, according to a new report from ReCode.

Specifically, the well-sourced ReCode speaking of the wearable gadget that “we’re unlikely to see it at retail until after the holiday season — think early 2015”, and “it would be unwise to expect pre-orders for the device to begin on the Friday following its unveiling”.

Announcing a product months before public release is not unprecedented for Apple, particularly for all new hardware. Earlier launches can serve several purposes, including mitigating part leaks from the supply chain, and giving developers ample time to create applications specific for the new hardware.

The “iWatch” wearable device is expected to track health and fitness activity, as well as serve as an interface to the iPhone and possibly other Apple hardware. Complete with a touch screen and various sensors, a recent report suggested the wearable hardware could be more of an iPhone accessory than intended as a standalone product.

While the wearable gadget won’t be released anytime soon, the iPhone 6 is expected to ship much sooner after the September 9 announcement date. Current rumors suggest pre-orders for iPhone 6 are a possibility for the 12th of September and an actual release date on September 19.

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