Apple TV 6.0 Update Released with iTunes Radio & iCloud Photo Stream Support

Apple TV 6.0 released Hot off the heals of the iOS 7 and iTunes 11.1 releases, Apple has updated the Apple TV set top box to 6.0 to include some of the same features. Most noticeable is the inclusion of iTunes Radio, the streaming music service, but the Apple TV 6.0 release also includes support for iCloud photo streams, podcasts, and AirPlay from iCloud, which allows users to play content on any other Apple TV through streaming.

Updating Apple TV to 6.0 is easy and can be done on the device itself through OTA (Over-The-Air):

  • Go to “Settings” then “General” and choose “Software Update”

Updating the device will reboot itself when finished. Apple TV users will notice that some of the icons have been updated to reflect the modern iOS 7 flat look, though the interface generally remains the same otherwise.

iTunes Radio on Apple TV iTunes Radio can be accessed from the primary screen by selecting the new icon. Radio stations that have been saved from an iOS device or computer with new versions of iTunes will appear in the playlist, or you can add new stations based upon songs, genres, or artists. The new iCloud-based photo stream option also supports video that has been shared through the Photo Stream feature, and is visible along with photos.

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