Apple to Launch iWatch Wearable Device on September 9

iWatch Apple will unveil it’s new “wearable” device alongside the iPhone 6 on September 9, according to a new report from the well-sourced Re/Code.

Commonly referred to as the “iWatch”, the Re/Code report calls it a “wearable” and mentions the new Apple product will make use of several iOS 8 features, including HealthKit and HomeKit. Re/Code also speculates that it could be used to have some interaction with Apple TV.

“The new device will, predictably, make good use of Apple’s HealthKit health and fitness platform. It will also — predictably — make good use of HomeKit, the company’s new framework for controlling connected devices — though it’s not clear how broadly or in what way. Sure would be nice to turn the lights on and off from my wrist, though — or navigate my Apple TV (caution: Total speculation)”

Previous reports from the Wall Street Journal and Reuters suggested the iWatch will include multiple health sensors and a touch screen with a curved glass display. Not much else is known about the upcoming Apple device, no associated components have leaked, and the wearable devices appearance and pricing remains a mystery.

The Nikkei and Re/Code originally reported the wearable iWatch device would debut sometime in October, but apparently plans have changed and Apple plans to launch the device, or at least announce it, earlier than originally anticipated. Though it’ll apparently be announced alongside the new iPhone models, it’s less likely that it will go on sale around the same time.

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