Apple Airs New “Hollywood” iPad TV Commercial

Apple started running a new TV commercial for the iPad during the Oscars. The spot is titled “Hollywood” and demonstrates both the iPad and iPad mini running various video applications aimed at videographers and producers. The new TV ad is embedded below:

Apps shown in the advertisement include iMovie, the iTunes Store, MovieSlate, 8mm, Action Movie FX, and Instant.

The ad follows the same rapid word ‘shout’ theme that was introduced with the two other recent iPad commercials, with the primary emphasis being on the Hollywood centric classic phrase of “Lights”, “Camera”, and “Action”.

These new ads seem to be rubbing some people the wrong way. Ken Segall, a creative director who had years of experience working with Apple’s advertising efforts in the past, suggests that Apple is now “battling” to keep up in the advertising department, saying “you can’t argue that Apple is still untouchable when it comes to advertising.

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